Thursday, January 23, 2014


Our word for this week in the Made to Crave Bible study is EMPOWERED.  I certainly haven't felt "in power" in terms of my weight in the past.  It may sound hokey, but as soon as I decided to GIVE UP power in this area I began to be empowered...I was free of the fight.  I turned it over to God and let Him do the fighting.

When I looked up "power" in the subject guide of my Bible, it said POWER (see also MIRACLES).  Hmmm...that's interesting.  It certainly seems like a miracle that I would ever be able to look in the mirror without judging myself...guilt, shame, disgust.  But I'm going to be honest with you...IT IS HAPPENING.  And here is the reason why:  I am no longer focusing on the outside.  If the outside improves, BONUS!

Philippians 2:3 "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves."  My reasoning for this journey is not vanity...for once.  I want to FEEL good.  And I AM feeling good.

But I'm about to get real...really real.  I've been super motivated to work on my relationship with Christ and I've been faithful.  But what if I lose motivation?  What if this "feel good" feeling a New Year's resolution?  In reality, the "What if" should probably be more like "What will I do WHEN"?  Because I know the devil isn't going to give up that easy.  I will be tempted.  I will fall down.  But I must remain faithful and thankful.  

Thank you to my sisters who are completing the Made to Crave Bible study with me.  You are helping me to remain faithful.  Let's continue to encourage and #EMPOWER each other!


Kate said...

This is awesome, Angie! If you're ever feeling down and powerless- know you can count on all of us! We're in it together :)

Lauren Halladay said...

Awesome post! Keep positive and like Kate said, we're in it together! This is going to be a great year, 2014! :-)

Sassigrani said...

Amazing attitude...Will keep you in my prayers as we all find our way in our journey!

Erika said...

Keep it up!!! We can do this (with God's help!)!!! Stopping by from the blog hop!

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