Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jumping Off the Page

Today is the first day of the Made to Crave online Bible study that I am taking part in.  Throughout my day, three verses have jumped out at me.

The first came from my morning reading from The Duck Commander Devotional.  The first line may as well have been flashing neon for me...I'm seeking true godliness and contentment.

I found the second in my morning reading of the Made to Crave Devotional.  I must seek Him daily.

Finally, while I was blog hopping some of the Made to Crave bloggers, I stumbled across this verse.  Although I grow weary, He does not.  He understands my heart and loves me unconditionally.

I'm going to be tackling some tough issues over the next few weeks.  I may be able to reveal some serious truths and I'm sure things are going to get messy.  Hopefully, my stories will be helpful to someone else as well.


Tonya Whitehurst said...

Thank you for sharing these verses! I am so looking forward to this study. I love your blog title --- I struggle with morning time and I think this is one thing God really wants me to do -- spend more time with Him each morning.

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